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Skirmish Rugby is a new down and distance Spring football game. The game is designed to be safer than Fall football. Safety measures designed to exponentially reduce violent collisions and violent change in direction incidents are baked in the cake of it's rules. 

Skirmish has it's own 90 yard field with 9.6 yard end zones and no goal posts. Each end zone has a set of post lines 18 feet apart centered for field goals. The field is called a Pitch-Grid. It's lines can be drawn on any football or soccer field including Rugby fields making Skirmish Football possible anywhere in the world. 


Atlantic Skirmish Football Union 

Skirmish Division Biloxi 

Skirmish Union Albuquerque 

Reno Skirmish Football 

Each 4 team Division plays out a 6 week schedule for seeding at one venue. The 4 teams then have 2 playoff games followed by a 3rd place game and a Championship game on Memorial Day Weekend. The 4 Champions may then play 3 games for the American Champions Cup.

There are 250 Division III football programs nationwide. Division III and others don't receive athletic scholarships. By the time many graduate they end up with what looks like a mortgage payment before securing employment. Skirmish football's mission is to draft recent graduates to play professional Skirmish Rugby Football to wipeout student debt. 

"The game is very different from Fall football. I believe Spring football has to be a completely different game. Discover everything about the game by clicking the rulebook box below."   

- Henry S Clifton 

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