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1- Spring football is a much safer game.

2- Spring football has it's own field.

3- Spring football has 10 players per side.

4- Spring football has more ways to score. 

5- Spring football's punter is an offensive weapon.

6- Spring football has it's own ball.

7- Spring Football is it's own game. 

8- Spring football is an international football game with elements of American, Canadian, Rugby and Australian football in it's DNA.

For international purposes Spring Football is Skirmish football. 


Skirmish scoring values are a restoration of the original American football game before 1912 with a few new twists. The Skirmish goal line is called a Try line paying tribute to it's Rugby roots. 

5- TRY = 5 points

The Spring football Touchdown is the same as the original Touchdown or Rugby Try. The ball must be touched down or only 1 point is scored. If you don't Crown the ball, you don't score all 5. 

4- BACKJACK = 4 points

Spring football's safety made more sense as 4 points. The offense gets the ball back at their 20 after getting jacked in their own end zone. 

3- FIELD GOAL = 3 points

The ball is dropkicked into the "goal box" painted in the end zone. The more difficult field goal should be attempted closer to the Try line. The 3 point field goal may also be "Pitch-kicked" which is a punted field goal that is attempted after receiving a handoff or lateral backward pass. The exchange takes time and makes the attempt more blockable. The ball must land beyond the Try line in the end zone between both post lines in order to be good. Skirmish field goals require control of distance and accuracy while under pressure. 

2- DEUCE = 2 points

The Punted field goal is a Deuce. The ball must land in the goal box painted in the end zone. The Deuce can be attempted by burning a timeout and declaring a free-punt. The spot must be outside the opponent's boot line (30).

1- ACE = 1 point 

The Touch-goal is scored by downing a punt in the end zone. Actually anytime the ball crosses a Try line, the Ace can be scored.

¤ CONVERSIONS = 1 or 2 points

An offensive option play from the 5 yard line can be a dropkick scoring 1 point if the ball sails through the post lines in the end zone or the offense can run the ball or complete a pass over the Try line for 2 points. Either way it's from the same spot. 


An offense can opt to wave the conversion in order to regain possession by kicking off from the Centre 45 yard line and recovering the ball before it crosses the opponent's 30 yard line. The kicking team can actually run the ball into the end zone on this play for another 5 points. This is extremely unlikely and therefore will happen. 


The offense has 6 downs to cross the Centre Skirmish line in order to earn a firstdown.

The offense then has 5 downs to cross their opponent's 20 yard line for another forward series of downs. 

Once inside the 20 (Hot Zone), the offense has just 4 downs to score.


There are many more features about the game. Discover everything about the real Spring Football game by clicking the Rulebook below. 

* The rulebook has been converted for the Atlas Football League. Find out more about the League concept on page 5 of this site. www.atlasfootballleague.com will be up and running soon.