The dropkick left American football in 1940 when the game ball's shape was changed in favor of a shorter more pointed ball at both ends. This made for easier passing but much harder dropkicking. So football added the holder on field goals. 
We believe the holder having one knee on the ground is a tune to downing the ball which means football kickers are kicking a dead ball. This goes against the true spirit of the game. In any football game the ball should be live in order to score.
The trade off was to sensationalize the game artificially much like rules that protect the Quarterback are effecting the game today. In other words they've been ruining the game of football for a long time. 

Burley of Perth Australia actually makes the correct shaped football. Skirmish football restores and incorporates many aspects of America's football game before 1932. The game is also a forward looking game with modern features which make the game not only safer but more challenging physically and mentally. The ball is the final step in making the 21st century's football game.
The Prototype game ball is the Burley size 4 Carnival football. Burley has been making footballs since 1907. 

The size 4 Carnival is a hybrid football constructed with similar materials as a Rugby match ball. The ball is made in the shape of an Australian football with the texture of an American football. 

The ball holds a tight spiral and has a predictable bounce for dropkicking. The Burley size 4 Carnival fits all the criteria required for a suitable game ball for the Skirmish football game. 
The ball actually out performed all other balls tested for the Skirmish football game. 

The ball is 3 layers of cotton laminate with a synthetic blend of rubber coating, nylon stitching with 6 laces. It's latitude circumference is 20.5 inches. It's longitude circumference is 27.6 inches.